The process:

A complete finished garment or accessory has many processes and steps that need to be completed before hand. The process starts with inspiration, a landscape, an object or simply something random that catches your attention. Then research, researching trends, designs, fabrics and silhouettes. The next stage involves design and product specifications, I choose to design using Adobe Photoshop and create product specifications using Adobe Illustrator. The design and product specification is then either sent out to a factor to be manufactured or in my case is used to make a pattern. Patterns are created either using pattern blocks or working off a stand. With the majority of patterns, a toile will be made to test out that the pattern works correctly and the finished product has the desired look. Once the pattern has been approved the garment or accessory will be manufactured, cutting out all the pieces and sewing them together to create a finished piece. The final stage is quality control, checking that the item is of good quality and of a high standard.

Completed in Adobe Photoshop.