This outfit takes inspiration from oriental and Pakistani cultures. The fabrics are rich and elegant in both colour and type of fabric. The jacket is made from duchess satin reflecting elegance, with the unusual panels adding a interesting point to the garment. The dress is made from a stretch tulle fabric with gold emblems dotted all over, this fabric is very traditional in Pakistani clothing. Were as the actual style of the dress reflects a cheongsam which is a traditional Chinese garment. A cheongsam was traditionally a long gown, that incorporated features such as no collar, narrow cuffs, buttons down the left front, four slits and a fitted waist. My take on this traditional wear adds a touch of sportswear influence to the design, making the dress a looser fit creating freer movement and removing some of the extra details. However the silhouette of a cheongsam can still be seen.

Model: Anita Cannon and Sarah Angel

Photographer: Gill Batson

Make-up Artist: Ellie Bebbington